The Empress is called "the one who comforts, beautifies and gives birth". The universal principle here is love with wisdom as well as motherhood. The card is controlled by the planet Venus. The number three stands for the Trinity, the Triangle, the Nuclear Family and all creative processes for example.

The Empress is often portrayed as Mother Earth. Goddesses like Demeter and Venus are often associated with this card. Just like the Priestess, the Empress stands for Yin, the female force and the Moon, but is more outward. She gives of herself unconditionally, like a good mother, without the need to control or overprotect.

It is about giving and receiving in a balanced way. The Empress symbolizes the nurturing, calming and supportive love that is a healing force in people's lives. "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" is a choice language for this card. She also stands for creativity such as singing, painting and dance eg.

Pregnancy is linked to this card as well as agriculture and gardens. She is the union of spirit and matter, something that bears fruit, or "born", simply. It can be a child, a painting or a herb garden. Our projects become reality. It requires a union of brain, heart and spirit. All this has the Empress.My interpretation of the Card:

You are developing your female side. You want to give love and protection to someone. You are entering a productive period in your life. You are pregnant in any form, literally or figuratively. You need to travel, meet new people and be in nature. You are engaged in (or want to devote to) the pleasures, everyday luxuries and beauty. You have problems with women in your area. You need to take care of your own emotional needs. You have leadership skills you should recognize.

Beauty, love, motherhood, nature, femininity, wisdom, inner and outer prosperity, power, practiced spirituality, female role models and leadership figures.

Ask yourself:
Is there a strong and beautiful woman in your life that you want to emulate and learn from?

I am beautiful and powerful.