As you can see I have renamed the card from knight to joker. Because they are still in the development phase. As the prince seduces in a humorous way, seduces the knight in a romantic way. Both wonderful in their entirety but, as I said, still in the development phase and here the water signs are usually the ones that are most dangerous if you cannot handle flity individuals. We all live on a more positive or negative side. Not many find the balance at an early age. Water signs that live predominantly on the negative side tend to absorb a lot of energy from others. They dont know it themselves mostley and this can be especially painful for an air and earth sign, even for fire. Unless they have a lot of water in their astrological map.Joker Water can be for your advantage if it is about you personally. then you have the ability to get far in your personal or career development as this is incredibly intelligent energy. he/she Can buy anyone with their charm.
If it's about an individual you ask about maybe you should watch out for what informaton you give them as they remember everything and can turn things in their favor if they want to get rid of you (if they live on the negative side)