When you get 6 of cups in your spred, you can feel lucky . It stands for lust, pleasure, sexual relations, past love lifes, soulmate, and emotional renewal.

Five of cups was disappointing and you have now come across it. You are again ready to make another attempt at love relationships. This kind of love is very healing for us and changes us from the inside out. Give yourself to your feelings and feel good. Diving in the sea is exciting and a little scary but afterwards we feel refreshed and reborn. It is worth the risk and you radiate health and well-being.For me, the card is a strong indication of old love being renewed or the feeling that we have experienced something similar before. Don't get too nostalgic but just enjoy what life offers, here and now. Life never goes into reprisal.

You radiate well-being and satisfaction. You are in harmony with your emotions. Something from the past returns and brings you new happiness. You remember and are nostalgic. Friendship and compassion are important now. Enjoy life and let this happiness make you young to soul and mind. Just don't get caught up in wishful thinking about what once was. Be grateful for your feelings and share them with a partner, if you have any.

Ask yourself:
Do you stick to old ideas that prevent you from enjoying your love relationships?

I am now open and ready for a partner, with whom I can enjoy the joy of love at all levels.