Four of wands is a favorite card ofcourse as it means unity, new beginnings and hopes for the future. The circle is complete. All contradictions and contradictions meet in their center now. The harmony between male and female, active and passive, has been restored.
We start all over again in beauty and joy. Before the new one begins, however, the old must be completed and ended. (The word Completion can also be translated with completion and completion).
Conflicts between the various parties involved can now be resolved in such a way that it reaches everyone to their highest goals. Differences can sometimes complement a relationship or situation.Only in my deck the card is represented with 2 individuals who have no face in my world that speaks of timelessness. The time is not there but everything else is available that can take us to the unit we are looking for. Whether it's a company we want to open, get married, get a nicer and slimmer body, meet the right partner, etc. Whatever you want to create, the tools are at hand. What usually stops you is the time. Where are you waisting your time. (

I know some people cant stop scrolling on instagram and other social medias because they are looking for something outside of themselfs thats going to make them happy)

More about 4 of wands: Important issues, projects or relationships are completed, completed and / or started on a new ball now. You have the ability to see your own whole in the external context now for the next 4 weeks or months. Existing circumstances are questioned and openly debated. Now is a good time to relieve tension, clarify and resolve conflicts from the past. You should finish and / or complete the old one in order to proceed.

a good question to ask yourself when getting this card in a layup and whether it is about a partnership is:
Are you ready to accept your partner as he / she is, despite your differing opinions? What areas of your life need quick clarification or urgent solutions?