3 of Swords is the heaviest card you can get in a reading if its not in the past tense which is heavy even then cuz the grief, pain and trauma we go through never really disappears. We just need to learn to live with it without letting it affect the present. Which is not always easy but it is possible to practice away just as you can practice negative thinking / thoughts / people in to you life, you can also practice/attract in positive, thoughts.Depending on the cards that surround the card, it always stands for some kind of pain, sadness, disappointment, betrayal and sometimes it can even alert you to illness. God preserve us well for that.
But it is not written in stone when it comes to image interpretation (tarot) as it is usually called. Image interpretation is a form of guidance and it always provides advice on how to free yourself from these swords. The only thing that is dangerous in life is knowing about your suffering and still not doing nothing about it.