Gone is goog but at home is the best we usually say in Sweden. Although mostly this means at home  in their apartment, house or other home. Here we talk about feeling at home in its interior and exterior as well as indoore. But if you do not feel at home in your body, that is, you loving yourself, it does not matter where you are. To feel good in your home, you need to have your inner home in order as well. In the physical world we want a man/wifi, children, animals, car, house ets and it is good to have but what do we do with it if we can not take care of it or vice versa. A happy home consists of a balance between giving and receiving, free to be oneself and yet loved. 10 of pentacles is the card that indicates that you have achieved that life of abundance or that you will soon have it. depending on what other cards surround the card. In any case, this is a card you want in a spred.