The anger conspiracy often shows up as anger directed at a specific person or situation. when there is anger around us, it reflect our own anger.

Anger may burn white hot or ice cold. It hold us or others back. We are trapped in the anger conspiracy because we feel justified by being angry. Anger hides a deeper emotion that we are afraid of. The end result is that we avoid stepping forward.

Ask yourself: who or what are you angry at? And remember that anger begins with rear. What are you fearing in the situation you are angry at? Did you make a bad choise once again and now you are blaming yourself again. Take responsibility and bring the element of fear that brought this anger to your life.

Bonding is the answer. And you dont have to look further then who is around you that really loves you without wanting anything back. Bond with them. Love is free. Reconect with those that want to see you grow. Grow together with them. Stop compiting. Let it go. The once that are ment to be together will find the way. The universe will bring you together once you give the signal that you surrender. letting go and opening your heart for whatever is for you.

As a result, you can turn away from sacrifice and miscreation toward true love and creation.