I’m basically a hairdresser. But i am all so trained certified therapist, coach, mentor in meditation, group leader, certified healer and aroma therapist, yoga teacher and web designer. I have completed two courses in organizational / leadership and psychology. Human beings have always been my my main interest. How you think, why you say and do as you do. The answer to those questions is both scientifically and spiritually.

1991 I ended up at a hair salon as a trainee and then obviously i was to become a hairdresser and nothing else. I have had my own company with hairdressing, coaching, selling products, teaching, coaching and developing myself spiritually, physically and mentally for about 27 years.

I started my first company in 1993 and owned it until 2001. In 2000, I collided with the car and it was a miracle that I survived. After that, I got me a powerful lesson about what the meaning of life is.

I had no intention of having children until then. But this set off thoughts about that, as I began to study and work as a hairdresser at home for not having to take loans, wanting to become something more. Something was calling me...

2002, I met the man of my life, I thought. We got two amazing children. Gloria and Gabriella. When Gloria was born, I died a short while and it became an emergency caesarean. This resulted in a spiritual Kris. (Will probably write a book about it one day) I had my business in the house where we lived for 6 years. I developed spiritually at all levels of mindfulness, became a silver, jewellery designer and I took out a patent for the name GIG collection. I collaborated with India.

GIG stands for my two daughters Gloria And Gabriella and Me Izabella

2007 we separated with the children’s father and I had to put my success with jewelry aside. I bought a saloon with tanning beds as I designed a new saloon in Torslanda on “the old airport road” which I had in 6 years. There, I worked with mindfulness, massage, life coaching and hairdressing. I Went into the wall (as Swedish people say for working to much) probably in 2011 and i hade to think over how my life is going to be in the future. I hired a masseuse and had to let go of the coaching and just stick to hair dressing.

2012 I opened M & M beauty in Torslanda “Amhults travel center” (in Gothenburg). Where I work together with my sister for about 5 years, I’m so proud of her. In 2016 I walked “so called” into the wall again. Where I ended up in a cris that created a terrible trauma in my life, I ended up in a tax view and crashed again with the car as I still do not understand how I ended up there. All of this resulted in a big mental and physical burnout and depression which resulted in a fantastic awakening later on.

Suddenly in the beginning of 2018, I began to see the light in the tunnel. A striking vision came true from nowhere. In the midst of the crisis in 2017 I met a fantastic man. He came in like a whirlwind into my life and blew away all bad fruits and leaves so to speak. I began to heal. Nothing was perfect, far away, but this man was so full of love, humility and warmth that all the walls I had built were broken down, all the steel I protected myself melted and all the words I wanted to say but couldn’t, became spoken. This is one of my miracles in life.

The last miracle of my life is my decision to become a yoga teacher. At last I put my last puzzle piece in place to unite my call in life.

The meaning of life, I think is development. In order to have the flow of life you need to have a goal. Enjoying and most importantly having fun on the way to the target. Life is unfortunately not always fun because of the system that controls us, our upbringing that has characterized us and even our personalities and attitudes. But that’s why there are counsellors, therapists, coaches, spiritual gurus, priests, the whole Bible to help. If you want to reach a higher consciousness, a happier and more fulfilling life, you need to be open minded and seek the truth through role models and right mentors.

The truth is: We are all going to same place in the end. The question is how well you live, smile and love until then. What do you take with you to the so called grave? However, in my world there is no grave. It takes unnecessary place and pests the planet with bacteria. To me there is a unit and it is eternal. When that unit within each individual is united with the highest, it will not come back to earth anymore. It stays with the eternal unity that cannot be explained. The name of this unit is LOVE.

I’m here as a Yoga and mindfulness teacher, life coach, therapist, healer, numerologist, aromatherapy massager, your friend, and of course your hair stylist when you need that little extra.

Contact me. I long to help you Just as I have been helped. Today we have swish as a payment here in Sweden but if you’re not from Sweden and want to come in contact with me for consultation, jewellery design, a new hairstyle, hair extension, guidance in life or something else of my service’s that you can find on my website . Do not hesitate to contact me for one session by phone/ facebook / whatsup or skype.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for being there. I love you just like I love myself and it is with all my heart, mind and soul.

Love and light from Izabella Marija Angeliva